InkChair™ Patented Fully Adjustable Tattoo Chair

(You save $400.22 )
67.10 LBS
Weight Capacity:
450 Lbs
Shipping Carton Dimensions (1 of 2):
33" x 26" x 13" | 68 Lbs
Shipping Carton Dimensions (2 of 2):
28" x 27" x 15" | 38 Lbs

Black Expected ship date is Aug 26th 2022

The Patented InkChair™

  • Two Color Options: The InkChair you know and love now comes in two color options in an easy-clean leatherette:  Classic Black or Light Silver-Grey
  • PATENTED Swing-out Legrests: This design gets the legrests out of the way to give you unobstructed access to your clients shoulders, and entire back
  • PATENTED Cobra-Style Backrest
  • 4" High Density Comfort Foam Padding
  • Removable & Extendable Headrest
  • 180° Range Armrests flips to convert the chair for backwork
  • Sturdy Hydraulic Base allows for 360° rotation


  • Chair Width (including armrests): 26" Wide
  • Cobra Backrest Height: 25" (Headrest extends this additional 8.5")
  • Armrest Dimensions: 16.5" L x 3.5" W
  • Legrest Dimensions: 16" L x 10" W
  • Height Range: 20"-24.5" (seat to floor)

Important Note: 

The InkChair™ is not intended to lie flat. The intended use of this product is to provide a comfortable seated or reclined location for clients to rest while receiving tattoos. Depending on the height and weight of your client, reclining the InkChair™ at too large of an angle can cause the base to become unstable and possibly cause the chair to tip over. Upon reclining, always test the chair for stability never recline to the point where the chair base becomes unstable. 

When straddling the patent-pending cobra-backrest both of your client’s feet should rest firmly on the floor to prevent risk of tipping. Clients should only sit on the flat seat, never at any time should anyone sit on the armrests, backrest, or legrest (for InkBed™). 

If you wish a fully flat option – please consider The InkBed™.  The InkBed™ is designed with an extra-wide stable base to provide the needed support for a completely flat profile.