Patented All Purpose Ergonomic Back Support Chair

38.00 LBS
Shipping Carton Dimensions:
24" x 23" x 13" | 38lbs

Patented All Purpose Ergonomic Back Support Chair

Our all-purpose ergonomic back-support chair and stool has an extra-wide sculpted seat with memory foam to provide comfort and stability. What sets this chair apart is its patented backrest feature. The backrest easily slides forward or back within an extra-long 5 inch range. This maximal adjustability ensures back and lumbar support regardless of whether a person perches on the edge of the chair or sits far back on the seat.

People with varying body types can alternately use the chair by quickly adjusting the backrest and chair height to fit their individual needs. The ErgoStrad™ Chair makes it easy to maintain comfort, spinal support and healthy posture.

HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The heavy duty ErgoStrad™ Chair has a steel reinforced seat and a wide 22” base spread of the chair legs. The Chair supports up to 300 lbs. so a person can sit securely and comfortably in any position when both feet are on the ground.

EXTRA WIDE COMFORT SEAT: The extra wide, 3” thick memory foam seat cushion is sculpted to provide extra comfort and support to the legs and hips.

SLIDING BACKREST: The patent pending sliding backrest has a full 5” range in forward-back mobility. A one-touch quick release lever offers instant adjustment to provide comfortable lumbar support whether a person perches on the edge of the chair or sits far back in it.

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The seat height can be easily adjusted between 18 ½” to 23 ¾” (seat to floor).



  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • 300Lbs weight Capacity
  • 3" Thick Memory Foam Extra Wide Comfort Seat
  • Sliding Backrest
  • Adjustable Height


  • Seat – 18 ½” L x 18” W x 3” Thick
  • Backrest – 18½“ W x 11 ½”H x 3” Thick
  • Wheel Base – 26” diameter
  • Backrest Adjustable Slide Range – 5”
  • Chair Height (seat to floor) Adjustable – 21” to 26 1/2”